Articles of Incorporation

To form a corporation in Kansas, you must file articles of incorporation. The form is customizable.

More information about corporate formation can be accessed through the website of the Kansas Secretary of State.

The articles of incorporation must include the following information:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Type of entity
  • Corporate mailing and street address
  • Corporate purpose
  • Name, street, and mailing address of the registered agent
  • Incorporator's name, street, and mailing address
  • Directors’ names and addresses (but only if the incorporator’s powers end at filing)
  • The number of shares authorized by the corporation and their par value, class, rights, and restrictions

Kansas is one of 17 states that recognize the statutory close corporation. Close corporations in Kansas must have 35 shareholders or less. In order to form a close corporation in Kansas, the articles of incorporation may set forth the qualifications of stockholders, either by specifying classes of persons who shall be entitled to be holders of record of stock of any class, or by specifying classes of persons who shall not be entitled to be holders of stock of any class, or both.

Mandatory Additional Filings

There are no mandatory additional filings. You may file your articles of incorporation online.

You can view the state statutes applicable to articles of incorporation.

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