Articles of Incorporation

To form a corporation in Arizona, you must file articles of incorporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The form is customizable.

The articles of incorporation must include the following information:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Type of entity
  • A statement of corporate purpose
  • Name and address of the registered agent
  • The number of shares authorized by the corporation, the stock classifications, and the par value
  • Incorporator’s name, street, and mailing address
  • Names and addresses of the directors

Arizona is one of 17 states that recognize statutory close corporations. You create a closed corporation in roughly the same way that you create a regular corporation. The articles of incorporation identify the corporation you are creating as a closed or close corporation.

You can view the state statutes applicable to articles of incorporation on the state's website.

The articles of incorporation cannot be filed online. You must mail or file the articles of incorporation in person at the Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporate Filings Section.

Mandatory Additional Filings

All corporations must submit a Certificate of Disclosure (“COD”) to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Arizona corporations must submit the COD with the articles of incorporation. The form can be downloaded from the state’s website.

In Arizona, you must complete an Alien Affiliate disclosure providing the name and address of any non-citizen alien or verifying that there are no non-citizen aliens affiliated with the corporation. This disclosure is provided on the COD form.

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