How do I create a loan agreement?

To create a loan agreement, you will need to gather some basic information about the lender(s), borrower(s), and co-signer(s), if applicable. You will also need to be prepared to answer questions about the amount borrowed, the term (length of time) for the loan, the interest rate and how interest is calculated and accrued, any collateral being pledged as security, and any other terms you want to include in the document.

All parties to a loan agreement should have an opportunity to read, review, and discuss the provisions included in the document before signing. After the loan agreement has been signed, all parties should retain copies of it for their records.

Creating a loan agreement through LegalNature is fast and easy. By following the step-by-step process and answering questions about the loan, our loan agreement allows you to quickly customize, review, and download a legally enforceable loan agreement in minutes.

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