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Healthcare Power of Attorney Checklist

Step 1: Communicate Your Wishes

It is recommended that you discuss your healthcare power of attorney with your agent and any others named in the document. This could include one or more named guardians or physicians. Doing so will help ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated and understood at the time of signing. 

Step 2: Review and Sign

Next, review your document and make any final changes or clarifications. Follow your state's witnessing requirements when signing, which are included with the instructions attached to the end of the downloaded document. Most states require either a notary or two disinterested persons to witness the principal sign.

Step 3: Distribute Copies

All parties named in the document should receive a copy of the power of attorney once it is fully executed. 

Step 4: Periodically Review and Update

The principal will need to review the document and make any needed updates at least every couple of years. Life events often cause the principal's needs and wishes to change over time. LegalNature's healthcare power of attorney will automatically revoke your original power of attorney while allowing you to update your wishes.

Step 5: Revoke Your Agent's Authority (Optional)

In the event that you wish to terminate your agent's authority to act on your behalf, you need to complete a revocation of power of attorney form. However, if you simply wish to change or add agents, then you should create a new power of attorney.

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