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22 Advancements in HR Technology You Can't Afford To Miss in 2015

HireVue’s $45million Interview Platform

This summer, HireVue raised $45 million via securities offering to dramatically redesign and expand its video interviewing platform. Spearheaded by Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), the new platform, called Team Acceleration, includes word use and voice pitch analyzers (a/k/a predictive data analytics).

Cornerstone OnDemand’s Data Service

Cornerstone OnDemand’s new data service was released in May. Leveraging the algorithms they acquired with the purchase of Evolv last fall, Cornerstone OnDemand has developed a new service that will sort through the large amounts of data that a company collects on its employees’ talents and abilities. Then, the service recommends employees for new jobs and identifies those who may require further training.

BetterWorks’ New Goal-Setting Software

Also in May was the release of BetterWorks’ new goal-setting software. Taking a page from Google’s open goal-setting format, it integrates with Workday and Salesforce to merge data into BetterWorks. Rather than waiting until the end of a quarter or a year, Betterworks links data to the goal set by an employee, making it easier for that employee and his managers to track and evaluate progress as it happens.

Small Improvements' Retooled Objectives

In July, Small Improvements began beta testing a new version of its Objectives browser. Among the updates include the ability to create, sort, and comment upon individual and group objectives from the browser. Initially to be offered to only new users, the improvements are to be rolled out to all users over the course of this year.

#Dice141 for Longer Twitter Messaging

It’s next to impossible to communicate to prospective talent—or anyone, for that matter—using only 140 characters. Dice has a new solution to this problem called #Dice141. It is a Twitter job card that allows a recruiter to tweet all the important details to another Twitter user. When used with Twitter hashtags, the job card is searchable like any other hashtag. #Dice141 works with the desktop version of Twitter as well as the Android and iOS Twitter apps.

HireVue’s Data-Driven Candidate Engine

Another new HireVue innovation is HireVue Insights, which is a search and recommendation engine that examines over 15,000 candidate attributes and identifies the top candidates for a given position. HireVue Insights utilizes an engine called HireVue Iris, which was developed based upon over three million interviews and collects 15,000 data points. In short, it allows an interviewer to see the qualifications for the other 94% of applicants who don’t get interviewed.

Note: for more help in the new employee hiring process, see our article, “Hiring Your First Employee” in our Article Center.

Zenefits Free Cloud-Based HR Software

Founded in 2013, San Francisco startup Zenefits offers small businesses free cloud-based HR software. Instead of charging the client business a fee just for use of the software, Zenefits makes money only when the business chooses a health insurance, payroll provider, or other service. Zenefits has approximately 2,000 small business clients and is growing by leaps and bounds. It was valued in May at $4.5 billion.

Ultimate Software’s Talent Analytics Software

Predictive analytics has taken a huge jump forward with Ultimate Software’s summer 2015 release of UltiPro. The service offers a new “at a glance” dashboard showing predictive metrics for employee retention and performance, visual indicators showing retention risk groups, high performers by retention risk, termination rates based upon performance levels, among other improvements. It also allows for greater configuration of the end-user experience—the software is much more customizable, allowing it to be tailored to the end user’s particular business or industry.

Additionally, UltiPro can now be synchronized with

  • NetSuite, the cloud-based financials provider;
  • HireRight, a provider of background checks and drug testing; and
  • Assess Systems, a company offering employee assessments.

Ultimate also now partners with

  • eQuest, a job delivery service;
  • PayAsia, a payroll provider covering two dozen Asian countries;
  • Asurint, a background check and drug screening provider;
  • Tax Credit Co., a service offering identification of industrial tax credits; and
  • Vault Verify, a platform for verifying salary and employment verification requests.

Note: For more information on important distinctions and critical decisions that often must be made when hiring, please see our article, “Employee or Independent Contractor” in the Article Center.

Workday’s New Insight Apps

Workday recently introduced its new learning and data science applications called Workday Insight. Insight improves data visualization and uses an improved method for integrating external data. It will use existing data to make predictions regarding users’ business scenarios, like developing a new career path for talent at risk for leaving or forecasting expense policy abuse.

Insight will also seamlessly merge with Workday’s other applications, like Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management. The product will be available on mobile platforms, and it will learn from past actions and data to better predict future business scenario outcomes.

SYMAN, the artificial intelligence technology used by Insight, will map and normalize job definitions and create “industry trees” that organize job positions and categories over two dozen industries and derive a single definition from that data. It will also continue to learn new definitions and integrate them into future outputs.

CloudPay’s CloudPay Control 2.0

CloudPay offers the industry’s only cloud-based integrated payroll system, and they recently introduced CloudPay Control 2.0.

Improvements include the ability to create complex checklists in order to gain greater insight and visibility of the payroll process, rectify post-approval issues with payments, pay slips, and general ledger files, improvements in the calendar function that lead to a greater insight of the payroll delivery process, and a new detailed performance metrics report, which provide better insights in the existing payroll process, helping to identify areas for improvement.

iCIMS New Talent Platform 15.1

iCIMS recently debuted its new Talent Platform 15.1. Improvements in this release include an enhanced employee referral system that allows recruiters to request referrals from employees who are likely to have matches in their networks, improvement in the calendar and appointment functions, and improved mobile capabilities.

Oracle Service and Oracle Social Cloud

Cloud computing leader Oracle recently revamped two of its major applications: Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud. Oracle Service Cloud now features Community Self-Service, a web self-service function aimed at increasing speed and efficiency to the customer contact center. Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud also have newly enhanced automation and workflow capabilities, including an added attribute and note function.

WorkForce’s Employee Certification Software

Cloud-based workforce solutions provider WorkForce Software recently introduced a new certification program. The program features two levels of certification—WorkForce Software Certified Associates and WorkForce Software Certified Professionals. The new program uses interactive learning modules as well as direct experience to teach and certify employees.

SAP's Human Capital Software

Enterprise application software company SAP, and cloud-based human resources software company SuccessFactors has debuted several new features in SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite that connect and streamline the end-to-end HR process. Instead of beginning with a core HR system, the transaction reaches from beginning to end to form one process. Additionally, the capabilities now share information among themselves and predict next steps, taking the user to the correct spot in the transaction based upon group rules, permissions, and notifications.

PeopleMatter’s Latest Product Innovations

Workforce management platform PeopleMatter recently introduced several new features in its 2015 August product release. Among the new features are

  • New functionality for hiring salaried employees such as quick apply functionality, customizable message templates, and interview management tools;
  • Compliance improvements, such as location-specific questions, e-Signature functionality, and updates to E-Verify regulations; and
  • Enhanced configurability including no-email apply, a new message center, and employee ID lock.

WorkForce's Job and Vacation App

Another new innovation from WorkForce Software is job and vacation bidding. As part of the EmpCenter 15.2 release, the new feature allows managers to set up a bidding process, which notifies relevant employees automatically. The employees can then browse the available options and select the ones they want from the list.

Other new enhancements include bulk shift assignment functionality, new key performance indicator charts, more self-service features available to end users, improved mobile experience, new authentication rules for companies that use time clocks, and more flexible leave case management.

Workboard – Meeting Management

Management app provider Workboard recently introduced new meeting and performance visualization features for its goal and achievement application line for business managers. Now, users can conduct team and one-on-one meetings on goals already managed in Workboard. This makes meetings more valuable and reduces the burden and cost of meetings as well. v

For team meetings, users can add topics and action items to the agenda, use pre-loaded data instead of creating presentations, take notes on the meeting with an integrated note-taking function, and automatically change goals, due dates, and convert take-aways to action items.

For one-on-one meetings, the ability to have continuous performance conversations and visualize their respective perceptions of engagement, performance, and alignment are now part of the experience.

NOVAtime New NOVAanalytics

Workforce and attendance management solutions provider, NOVAtime recently introduced the NOVAanalytics app to the Microsoft Office store. The app, which may be used in conjunction with NOVAtime 5000 SaaS uses web APIs to download workforce data directly into Microsoft Excel. It also features several preloaded templates that are designed to convert raw data into an understandable and presentable format in Excel and is designed to be easily usable by even unsophisticated users.

Oracle – Performance Management Solutions

Back to Oracle, who released sweeping new updates to Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) this summer. The Oracle Applications Cloud Release 10 features enhancements that address work-life, workforce optimization, position management, performance management, and strong new analytics. The updates include Reputation Management, Employee Wellness, Competitions, and Career Development, all of which are designed to increase employee engagement by bringing together process, innovation, and the employee community.

The user experience has been enhanced as well by aligning itself across browsers and devices, thereby engaging even casual users. The new release also contains enhanced analytic abilities that provide decision makers with information regarding skill gaps due to retirement, projections and assessment of training, and development programs in light of real-life business results.

In addition, the new release enables data sharing across several HR applications for planning and assessment of the company’s workforce. A drag-and-drop interface makes it easier to share information with company executives as well.

Ultimate Software’s ACA Services

Another new release from Ultimate Software is a service to assist employers with compliance on Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. Called ACA Employer Services, the application offers Ultimate Software’s clients additional assistance with ACA compliance-related activities, reporting, and filing. Clients should expect to receive UltaPro’s ACA Toolkit this fall, which includes features that will help them to conduct all reporting, complete all files, and do all filing by the ACA’s 2016 deadline.

The ACA Toolkit will roll out capabilities including a Healthcare Eligibility Dashboard, generation of all lines of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C, functionality for obtaining and tracking employee electronic consents, and pre-delivered reports for ACA compliance. The ACA Toolkit allows every customer to print and distribute 1095-Cs and electronically file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS individually.

In addition to the ACA Toolkit, employers can add UltiPro’s new ACA Employer Services features. The new features include the ability to monitor employees’ monthly eligibility, print and distribute forms, electronically file forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS, new penalty calculation support, alerts to avoid non-compliance, and appeal tracking and response with the Healthcare Exchanges and the IRS.

ACA Employer Services feature two offerings: ACA Distribution Services and ACA Management Services. ACA Distribution Services include capabilities like

  • Instant access to UltiPro’s ACA tools and reporting, as well as the Healthcare Eligibility Dashboard;
  • The ability to print and distribute employee-required forms; e-filing of 1094-C and 1095-C forms to the IRS on customers’ behalf;
  • Delivery of chosen quarterly alerts to view forms electronically; and
  • Proactive data validation and cleansing.

ACA Management Services include all of the features listed above for ACA Distribution Services, plus proactive monitoring and managing of alerts on employees’ eligibility and offers, notice and appeal tracking and response support, and penalty calculation support.

Saba’s Summer Release

Cloud-based talent management solution company Saba addressed the thorny area of employee reviews with its Saba Cloud Summer Release. The release includes five new functionality areas for making the employee review process more streamlined, more relevant, and more effective:

  • Instant skill feedback capability helps identify skills needed for career progression and seek readiness assessments. Employees can initiate reviews, which generates forms to assess quantitative and qualitative ratings. This, in turn, generates a report that can be added to his or her profile. Managers may also be involved in these reviews.
  • Develop custom badges particular to the client’s business or industry. Representing the business’s core values, these badges may be awarded by peers to recognize and applaud growth in relevant behaviors or skills. These badges may also be included in the review process.
  • Support for the continuous review process. Off-cycle performance reviews, such as 30-, 60-, and 90-day reviews for new employees, are now supported in the Saba Cloud. This improves new employee onboarding and allows for consistent monitoring from the first day of employment forward. It also provides managers with a process for checking in with new employees and train or coach as needed. Additionally, it provides the HR department a metric for measuring quality of new hires in general and an evaluation of onboarding programs.
  • Mobile performance reviews. For employees who aren’t always (or ever) in the office, Saba Cloud has new functionality for mobile reviews. The mobile functionality supports impressions and badges, which provides on-the-spot feedback.
  • New QR/barcode search. Using the new QR/barcode search, in tandem with Saba Cloud Mobile, allows for quicker access to relevant training material on the fly. QR/bar codes can be attached to just about any object that the business wishes to have available for access as needed.

Randstad Sourceright's Talentradar

Talent solutions company Randstad Sourceright released a new platform for reporting and analytics named Talentradar. The new platform aggregates data from various sources to make day-to-day and long-term forecasts for talent acquisition. It is compatible with any device and is highly configurable to accommodate business needs.

The new platform also contains features like the ability to draw important recruiting data from multiple resources within the business, groundbreaking new predictive analytics that output informative forecasts and facilitate adjustments, delivery across several desktop and mobile platforms so as to facilitate information distribution in a timely fashion, alerts that help decision-makers make adjustments in real time, and a new and efficient communication and process flow that helps to connect business users with inside and outside interested parties via a shared collaboration process.

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