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Top 60 Human Resources Experts to Follow in 2015

With all the sound and fury in the human resources corner of the Internet, it is difficult to determine whom to follow for the best and latest human resources content. There are a few whose revolutionary insight rise above the din. The following is a list of influential human resources experts who can provide readers with knowledge and key insights. These individuals are on the bleeding edge of the human resources game and are making the biggest impact in the industry today.

1. Lou Adler

Considered to be the “original headhunter,” Lou Adler invented the highly influential “performance-based hiring” system. He is a LinkedIn influencer, and he’s the author of the definitive book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired.

2. Morten Kamp Andersen

Combining his financial and psychological skills, Morten Kamp Andersen was originally a financial analyst then transitioned into the human resources world and started an advising firm. He also shares his innovative approach to human resources on his blog, All About Human Capital.

3. John Austin

Native New Zealander John Austin is an organizational psychologist who began Talegent, a company that operates a revolutionary test platform for using psychometric measures to predict performance.

4. Jason Averbook

Jason Averbrook is an author and speaker who focuses on applying technology to human resources problems and challenges. He writes a blog and has written a book entitled, HR from Now to Next: Reimagining the Workplace of Tomorrow.

5. Kent Barnett

Founder of KnowledgeAdvisors (now part of CEB), Kent Barnett developed the software suite, Metrics that Matter. He is also the author of Human Capital Analytics: Measuring and Improving Talent Development.

6. Laurie Bassi

Laurie Bassi is the chief executive officer of McBassi & Company, and a pioneer in linking human capital metrics to forecasts for business results. She’s a former Georgetown economics professor and a co-author of HR Analytics Handbook.

7. David Bernstein

David Bernstein is a heavyweight in the “big data” movement in the human resources arena. He’s the vice president of the "Big Data for Human Resources" division at eQuest and publishes a blog there as well.

8. Mark Berry

Mark Berry is the vice president of human resources at CGB Enterprises, Inc. He was named a Human Resources Trendsetter of 2015 in Human Resources Magazine. He is best known for developing ConAgra’s first successful Human Resources analytics tool, then scrapping it and replacing it with a better one.

9Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is considered by many to be today’s foremost human resources analyst. He is the founder of Bersin by Deloitte and has published a great deal of research on human resources analytics. His blog can be found here.

10. Michael Beygelman

Michael Beygelman is another “big data” guru. Originally a recruitment process outsourcing expert, he later cofounded Joberate, a new human resources technology that quantifies individuals’ job-seeking behavior by analyzing their online footprint and activity.

11. Aneel Bhusri

Aneel Bhusri started out as the director of planning at PeopleSoft and then went on to cofound Workday. He helped develop enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and human resource management software while there.

12. Naomi Bloom

Naomi Bloom is one of the most respected and recognized independent voices on enterprise human resources technology and outsourcing. She is also a leading authority on human resources analytics, which she writes about extensively and eloquently in her highly informative blog, In Full Bloom.

13. Max Blumberg

Max Blumberg is the founder of the Blumberg Partnership, which has worked with the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to enable human capital analytics and big data strategies and tactics in order to attract, develop, retain and manage high performers and their output.

14. John Boudreau

John Boudreau is a professor and research director at the University of Southern California. He’s a pioneer of human resources analytics and measurement and has done groundbreaking research on the bridge between superior human capital, talent, and sustainable competitive advantage.

15. Eden Britt

Eden Britt is the global head of the HR analytics and data governance at Standard Chartered Bank, where he has complete responsibility for the strategy and execution of analysis, visualization, predictive analytics, reporting and metrics and data standards.

16. Lee Burbage

Lee Burbage is the chief people officer at The Motley Fool. His accomplishments include:

  • Conceptualized and implemented unique recruiting and development programs leading to lower than 2% unwanted turnover,
  • Killed the performance appraisal,
  • Retooled the feedback system, turning it into an effective program people look forward to,
  • Took the Motley Fool from an email-based- to a social-communication culture.

17. Marcus Champ

Marcus Champ is a behavioral scientist based in Singapore. He’s the senior human resources manager at Standard Chartered and is an expert in several fields of evidence-based human resources management. He’s a regular contributor in the LinkedIn group, Measuring Human Capital.

18. Peter Cheese

Peter Cheese is the chief executive officer of the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development where he regularly promotes the benefit of the adoption of a more analytical approach by human resources. Peter was voted the UK’s most influential thinker in human resources for 2013 by HR Magazine

19. Simon Constance

Simon Constance is a partner of human capital advisory at EY in London. Simon’s work focuses on helping human resources and business leaders better execute strategy, increase productivity, and improve financial returns. He has led several large-scale human resources transformation consulting engagements. He also leads EY's human capital analytics initiatives.

20. Salvatore Falletta

Salvatore Falletta is the EVP/MD of the Organizational Intelligence Institute. He coined the term “human resources intelligence” fifteen years ago and more recently published the findings of his analytic project that studied over two hundred firms, entitled “The Human Resources Analytics Project.”

21. Jonathan Ferrar

Jonathan Ferrar leads the analytics practice for IBM Smarter Workforce. He focuses his time helping clients improve business performance through the application of people-related analytics solutions. Jonathan is also a fellow at the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

22. Joel Gascoigne

Joel Gascoigne is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Buffer, a company that is changing the meaning of transparency by publishing everything from salaries to term sheets. He took the concept from idea to revenue in seven weeks of working evenings and weekends from his bedroom.

23. Nick Holley

Nick Holley is the director of the Centre for HR Excellence at Henley Management School. He is leading research into the business benefits of data-based decision making in human resources. His “Talent – Big Data = Unsubstantiated Rubbish” presentation at HR Tech Europe can be viewed here.

24. Aki Kakko

Aki Kakko is a serial human resources and technology entrepreneur, partner at HR TechTank and HR Unconferences, board member at Candarine and co-founder and head of product at Joberate, a leading provider of predictive human resources and recruitment analytics.

25. Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy, the “analytics evangelist,” works with fellow luminaries Greta Roberts and Pasha Roberts at Talent Analytics, one of the trailblazing providers of predictive human resources analytics.

26. Kevin Kruse

Kevin Kruse is the author of four books, including the New York Times’, Wall Street Journal’s, and USA Today’s bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, and is one of the most read leadership columnists on Forbes.

27. Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar is the global vice president of human resources analytics for HSBC and a regular contributor to the Measuring Human Capital Group on LinkedIn.

28. George Larocque

George Larocque is the principal analyst at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit (TSCIU). He speaks frequently on trends impacting human resources and human resources technology. He also speaks to the vendor community about taking their technology to market.

29. Alec Levenson

Alec Levenson is an economist at the Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California. He works with companies to optimize job and organization performance and human resources systems through the application of organization design, job design, human capital analytics, and strategic talent management.

30. Sanja Licina

Sanja Licina is senior director of workforce analytics at CareerBuilder UK, where she has a great deal of labor market data to help companies make better business decisions.

31. Matthew Lymbery

Matthew Lymberly pioneered predictive recruitment analytics, which saved one client US$5.4 million per year using his software. He’s the chief executive officer at activ8 Intelligence.

32. Jean Martin

Jean Martin is the head of CEB’s human resources practice, with extensive analytics capability which recently acquired SHL, KnowledgeAdvisors and Talent Neuron. She also regularly publishes white papers and articles on innovative talent management practices.

33. Shawn Murphy

Shawn Murphy is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Switch And Shift, a platform with a network of writers sharing their thoughts meant to amplify the message of the human side of business. He is also a speaker and runs a podcast called “Work That Matters.”

34. Gyan Nagpal

Gyan Nagpal is the author of Talent Economics, an innovative book and methodology that brings together workforce analysis, management practice and business strategy.

35. David Niu

David Niu, a graduate of Peking University and The Wharton School, is the chief executive officer of TINYpulse, a company that measures employee satisfaction by using short, unobtrusive surveys.

36. Ian O’Keefe

Ian O’Keefe is the people analytics leader at Google and previously worked at Sears, where he studied predictive analytics on attrition of high-performers and establishing a link between mood and incremental sales of Sears’ associates.

37. DJ Patil and Jonathan Goldman

DJ Patil is the U.S. chief data scientist at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Jonathan Goldman is the director of data science at Intuit. These two men developed LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” and “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” functions. Patil also co-authored a notable article entitled “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”

38. Gene Pease

Gene Pease is the chief executive officer of Vestrics, a top provider of predictive talent analytics, recognized by CIO Review Magazine as one of the “top 20 most promising data analytics companies of 2013.”

39. John Pensom

John Pensom is the chief executive officer of Canadian-based PeopleInsight, a provider of workforce analytics to customers for over a decade.

40. Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson is the cofounder and chief executive officer of BambooHR, one of the most popular lines of software on the human resources market. He also founded MingleMatch in 2001.

41. Ilya Pozin

Ilya Pozin has been described as a “serial entrepreneur.” He is the founder of Pluto TV, Coplex, and Open Me (acquired by Rowl), and is one of Inc.’s “30 under 30” entrepreneurs. His website can be found here.

42. Thomas Rasmussen

Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen is vice president for human resources data and analytics at Shell. He has been instrumental in bringing statisticians and economists with no prior human resources backgrounds into the ongoing human resources discussion, as well as other human resources innovations.

43. Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum is the chief executive officer at Pegged Software, which provides software that automates hiring decisions and in doing so reduces turnover, hiring costs, and hiring time.

44. Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan is the founder and chief executive officer of Human Workplace. She blogs for several influential business and popular opinion websites.

45. Naveen Seshardi

Naveen Seshardi works with Ian O’Keefe (see above) at Sears on fostering analytical insights through data personalization to each employee using gamification and human resources analytics to make for better engagement and more productivity.

46. James Sesil

James Sesil is the author of Applying Advanced Analytics to Human Resources Management Decisions. He is also developing state-of-the-art human resources decision support software.

47. Prasad Setty

Prasad Setty leads the people analytics team at Google. Their mission is for “all people decisions at Google to be based on data and analytics.”

48. Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy Shapiro is one of the innovators of human resources analytics. He co-authored the “Competing on Talent Analytics” cover article for Harvard Business Review in October 2010. He also manages the Measuring Human Capital group on LinkedIn and operates the talent analytics function at Morgan Stanley.

49. Judith Sherven

Judith Sherven works for LinkedIn as an influencer writer encouraging managers to engage their team across topics from self-branding and professional authority to “Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous”—which has been called “the missing link in personal and professional development.”

50. Phil Simon

Phil Simon is a technology expert and frequent keynote speaker. He is also the author of several influential management books, most recently Message Not Received. More of his articles and insights can be found on his website.

51. Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith is a speaker, author, and president of Numerical Insights, a consulting firm helping clients use human resources data to assess and prioritize human resources programs and to develop strategic workforce planning predictions and actions.

52. Dr. John Sullivan

Dr. John Sullivan, PhD, is a human resources thought leader based in Silicon Valley. He’s written ten books and over 900 articles about all aspects of talent management, and his content has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CFO, Inc., SmartMoney, USA Today, HBR, BusinessWeek, and the Financial Times. Much of his writing can be found on his website.

53. John Sumser

John Sumser studies human resources practitioner experience and helps practitioners find technology and techniques that fit their circumstances. He’s also on the board of advisors of PeopleMatter, RolePoint, and Work4. He also runs Human Resources Examiner.

54. Gene Tange

Gene Tange is the chief executive officer at PearlHPS Inc., a SaaS/Cloud enabled predictive analytics platform that visually displays success probability for critical business initiatives 12 months in the future with an 80% accuracy claim.

55. Benjamin Taylor

Benjamin Taylor leads the data science team at HireVue. He also is a prolific writer and speaker on cloud, predictive recruiting analytics, and “predicting the unpredictable.”

56. William Tincup

William Tincup is the principal analyst at KeyInterval Research, where he is engaged in mapping the complexities of practitioner experience in the human resources tech universe. He is also considered one of the most knowledgeable people on human resources tech in the industry and is a prolific contributor to the Human Resources Twitterverse.

57. Heather Torres

Heather Torres is recruiting analytics at Facebook. Previously, she held the same position at AOL.

58. Bart Voorn

Bart Voorn is the lead human resources analytics at Ahold. He was instrumental in developing human resources analytics capability at Ahold Group.

59. Ben Waber

Ben Waber is president and chief executive officer of Sociometric Solutions. He wrote People Analytics and is a recognized expert on people analytics, collaboration and wearable technology. Additionally, he’s a columnist at Bloomberg Businessweek.

60. Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler is head of the Future of Talent Institute, chief executive officer and founder of Global Learning Resources, Inc., and the Australasian Talent Conference. He also has 13.5k followers on Twitter.

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