Affidavit of Marriage Help Guide

Your affidavit of marriage will act as your sworn statement that you were validly married on the date and at the location specified. Whenever both spouses are available, we recommend that they both include their information and sign the affidavit.

To complete the affidavit, enter the current full legal name or names of the spouses involved. When entering in the addresses, be sure to use the address where the spouse currently lives.

The most important pieces of information are the date and place of marriage. Try to be as accurate as possible when entering in these items. The place of marriage is wherever the spouses signed the original certificate of marriage. In most states, there would have had to be some type of officiate at the ceremony, such as a priest or judge.

The final step is to sign the document in the presence of a notary public. If both spouses are signing, they must both sign it in the notary's presence or have it separately notarized. After that, your affidavit is complete.

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