What are some examples of software license agreement provisions?

Software license agreements are extremely flexible, so they can include a variety of unique terms and conditions. The following example provisions may be addressed in the agreement:

  • Whether the software can be downloaded on more than one computer
  • How the software can be used (such as for personal or business use)
  • Information about the requirements to use the software (such as system requirements)
  • Whether the end user is to modify the software or view the coding
  • Whether the software provider will provide any training or additional information regarding the software
  • Whether the software is subject to a warranty
  • Whether the licensee is permitted to copy or mimic the software
  • How long the agreement will remain in effect
  • How the agreement will terminate
  • Remedies available if the licensee violates the license
  • Which state’s laws may govern the agreement

Like any contract, you can adjust the software license agreement to suit your unique needs. These agreements can even vary between the individuals or entities using the software. For example, you may want to prohibit one user from engaging in specific activities that another user is permitted to undertake.

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