How often should I revise my will?

It is always a good idea to revisit your existing will and other estate planning documents when a major life event occurs. Examples include getting married; getting divorced; the birth, adoption, or death of a child; becoming disabled; or significant changes to your financial situation. As state laws govern the interpretation of a will, moving to another state is also a good time to examine your estate plan to ensure that it is still doing what you want it to do.

Similarly, if someone you named to play a role in the management of your estate dies or become disabled, or if one or more named beneficiaries dies, it is a good idea to review your will and consider making changes.

In addition to these types of life events, a good rule of thumb is to review your will and other estate planning documents every three to five years. If changes are warranted, remember that they usually need the same legal formalities as creating a new will.

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